Canadian delegates at the first SKA Key Science Workshop, held in Stockholm, Sweden, in August 2015. From left: Prof Bryan Gaensler (University of Toronto), Dr Doug Johnstone (National Research Council), Prof Jeroen Stil (University of Calgary), Dr Tim Robishaw (National Research Council), Dr Michael Rupen (National Research Council), Prof Greg Sivakoff (University of Alberta), Prof Kristine Spekkens (Royal Military College).



SKA Board of Directors

Canada appoints two representatives to the SKA Board of Directors.
The current Canadian SKA Directors are:


Voting Member:
Dr Gregory Fahlman
(NRC Herzberg)


Science Director:
Prof Bryan Gaensler 
(University of Toronto)

ACURA Advisory Council on the SKA (AACS)

The Association of Canadian Universities for Research in Astronomy (ACURA) provides national coordination for Canadian activities and discussion on the SKA through the ACURA Advisory Council on the SKA (AACS). AACS operates under terms of reference established by ACURA, and meets 3-4 times per year. 

The responsibilities of AACS include:

  • Promoting and advancing Canadian participation in the SKA
  • Ensuring Canadian scientific leadership in the SKA
  • Coordination among universities, NRC and industry in SKA pre-construction and construction activities
  • Advice on strategic development of SKA technology by Canadian industry

The current membership of AACS is:

  • Bryan Gaensler (University of Toronto; chair)
  • Julie Hlavacek-Larrondo (Université de Montréal)
  • Doug Johnstone (NRC)
  • Gilles Joncas (Université Laval)
  • Samar Safi-Harb (University of Manitoba)
  • Gregory Sivakoff (University of Alberta)
  • Kristine Spekkens (Royal Military College)
  • David Stevens (MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates)
  • Stefi Baum (ACURA Board Chair; non-voting)
  • Roberto Abraham (CASCA President; non-voting)
  • Don Brooks (ACURA Executive Director; non-voting)
  • Greg Fahlman (NRC; observer)
  • Michael Rupen (NRC; observer)
  • Luc Simard (NRC; observer)ape Town & University of Western Cape; observer)
  • John Hutchings (Long Range Plan Implementation Committee; observer)

Canadian SKA Industry Association (CSIA)

The Canadian SKA Industry Association (CSIA) is an independent body composed of representatives of companies with an interest in participating in the development of the SKA. The CSIA is currently being restructured, with new membership and terms to be announced soon.

Other International Activities

Canadian astronomers participate in 11 of the 13 SKA science working groups and focus groups, and serve on the SKA Organisation’s Science and Engineering Advisory Committee (SEAC) and Data Flow Advisory Panel (DFAP).