Canada’s involvement in the SKA is creating new opportunities for Canadian companies across a range of industrial sectors. Current SKA1 pre-construction activities include the development of system and sub-system designs, verification instruments, implementation plans, and other documentation needed for SKA construction. These activities have been split into a number of work packages undertaken by ten consortia of international industry and research organizations.
Canadian industry is collaborating on many aspects of this work. The National Research Council of Canada (NRC) is actively engaging industry through sub-contracts for consortium, project and data management services as well as material and equipment design and construction of the telescope dish, computer hardware and software systems.
Both individual and groups of universities are also directly engaging with industry. Examples of ongoing engagement include collaboration with Calgary Scientific (Calgary, AB), Rackforce (Kelowna, BC), and Skywatch (Kitchener, ON).


Following the selection of the SKA1 design in 2015, there will be new opportunities for industry involvement in construction. The proposed construction schedule is as follows:

  • 2016: critical design reviews of SKA1 detailed design
  • 2017: tender and procurement of SKA1 construction
  • 2018: start SKA1 construction / start detailed design of SKA2
  • 2020: early SKA1 science
  • 2023: complete SKA1 construction / full SKA1 science
  • 2024: start SKA2 construction (duration of construction still under planning)

Collaboration Opportunities

A general overview of the SKA from an international engineering perspective, including descriptions of various demonstration projects, can be downloaded from the international SKA website.


Canadian companies interested in contributing to SKA development should contact:

Susan Engel
Strategic Contract Advisor
National Research Council Canada (NRC)
Tel: (250) 363-8104